Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join PG Perks? 

All Post-Gazette subscribers are eligible to enroll in the PG Perks program. Digital only subscribers and print subscribers who have activated their digital access are automatically enrolled. 

Click on the instructions that best describe you below: 

Are there any offers available outside of Pittsburgh? 

Yes, national offers outside of Pittsburgh are available in the PG Perks app. 

What is the URL to PG Perks?

Click here, or type in your desktop, mobile or tablet browser. 

Can I access PG Perks from a smartphone device?

Yes, you can download the PG Perks app from the iTunes or Google Play stores. Click here for more info on the PG Perks app. You can also type "" in your smartphone browser. 

Can I access PG Perks from a tablet device? 

The PG Perks app is not available on tablet devices. However, you can click here, or go to "" from a browser on your tablet device.

Is PG Perks only available online?

Yes, the full version of PG Perks is only available online, or on the PG Perks app. 

How do I search for offers? 

You can sort offers alphabetically, by category or by location.

How do I redeem a discount? 

Choose the coupon you'd like to use. You can either select print for a print out of the coupon, or show the coupon from your mobile device when you check out. 

Can I save coupons for later?

Yes, open the coupon and click the scissors icon to "save for later". Access them from your smartphone later when you are ready to redeem the offer.

Please note that offers saved in the PG Perks app, is ONLY accessible in the app. Likewise, offers saved from is only available through this url.

Contact our customer service team at 1-855-PGFORME (743-6763) or email

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